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Ehalagala lake resort

Our Little Story
“As I having climbed, Came here at dawn and stood looking at this, I enjoy the fragrance of the cloisters of lotuses at the gentle breeze comes blowing here, I am Loard Agboy, I wrote this verse"
- Page 3/No 4, Sigiri Graffiti)

We are in the center point of Sri Lanka. It’s leads to many historical, ecofriendly destination like Sigiriya, Pidurangala, Mihinthale and Ehalagala Lake. Choose your extraordinary scenic point. Enjoy the real adventurist, memorable vacation.


The Rock of art build by King Kashyapa. One of the world heritage fortress recognize by UNESCO.


The ancient temple and cave occupied by Buddhist monk in king Kashyapa period. It’s has been recognize as a Royal Temple where king Kashyapa worshipped. Pidurangala also place of art the nature gifted of our culture.


The center point of where, Buddhism has been introduced to King Dewanam Piyathissa by Arahath Rev, Mihidu for the first time in Sri Lanka.