Local Village tour

Bullock cart ride

Catamaran Safari

Local Village meal

Luxury jeep Safari

  • Half day excursion
  • Safari Locations
  • Minnariya National Park
  • Kaudulla National Park
  • Hurulu – Eco Park
Sri Lanka is a most biological country which you can witness it at the National parks reserves on a jeep safari to any of the wild life parks in & around Habarana to observe the heads of lumbering elephants. A safari will afford you the unforgettable opportunity to see some of the island’s most celebrated creatures.

Catamaran Safari

Hiriwadunna lake Catamaran Safari – A voyage by an authentic fishing catamaran ( locally named as “Oruwa”) atop of the glassy surface of the scenic Hiriwadunna lake . The journey takes you to a “Chena”( Slash & Burn Cultivation land) witness the farming techniques & enjoy an aromatic ginger tea with Palm jaggery or a herbal tea. On your way back observe the greenlymarshlands and scented tropical dry-zone huge wild trees. The lake which is a home of many amazing bird specials and rare butterflies also chance of experiencing bird watching while on the catamaran such like peacocks. Green pigeons, cormorants, green bee-eaters, variety of king fisher’s, hawks, eagles, fish owls, herons, fly catchersand many more birds also Grey and Toque monkeys can be seen on the trees besides of the lake.

Bullock cart ride